Stoke on Trent Coach Company

The two main services we provide include the Stoke on Trent Minibus Hire and the Stoke on Trent Coach Company Hire. Both services are offered as part of a separate and also simultaneous offer. The coach hire service is normally for groups of sixteen people and more and the minibus service is normally for groups of eight people and more.

We feel it is very important for our customer service team to help you make the right decision, by providing as much information as possible regarding your transaction in order for you to make an educated decision.

We must stress that the service that will be most suited for yourself will depend heavily on your specified needs. A good example is where there is a small group of people travelling who have various luggage pieces. This may be due to an airport journey or even a cricket / football match. The best transport could be a minibus due to the space provided but where over night availability is required, you may prefer a coach.

A coach may be suited simply because the journey is long distance. This is because a coach can offer more facilities than a minibus e.g. indoor toilets, DVD players, fridges and many other extras. Such services may also offer you overnight availability.